AN Instruction of 400kg/h Industrial Biscuit Product Line

Automatic biscuit production line, with original design, compact structure and high automatic, is developed on the base of absorbing Japanese technology.You can choose different types of bakery oven (Electricity/gas/diesel/thermal oil) for baking different types of products. Dough rolling width is 250mm to 1200mm (if you have special needs, we can customize for you). All working procedures that from dough feeding, sheeting, molding, waste recycling, baking to cooling can be completed automatically in one line. Hundreds of moulds and dozens of technology recipes make it possible to produce all kinds of popular biscuits, such as cream biscuit, layer biscuit, soda cracker, calcium biscuit, multi-vitamin biscuit, vegetable biscuit, etc.Biscuit producing assembly line is the most advanced and lastest equipment in the domestic traditional can run long and stably just need one time adjust.It is composed of four tracks peel-roll,double-roller(printing,cutting),molding and reclaiming.

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