The Development Trend of Biscuit Machinery

As is known to all that biscuits has been a gloabal snack,people both the young and the old love it. Have you ever think about its development trend in the  future?

Presently, sixteen biscuit manufacturers are operating in the country and the total biscuit consumption is estimated between 450,000 to 500,000 metric tons annually. These Plants have indicated plans to increase their capacity within the next 3 years.
The market potential is phenomenon and a small standard and Compact plant of this size affords manageability and profitability. It is important that The Plant must produce Niche biscuits. The market will continue to grow yearly as the population increases and the Standard of living Increases.
Biscuits will never cease to be a favorite of both the young and the old especially, school children whose parents on the average spend between N10 and N100 daily on the products per child. School time is biscuit time and lunch time snacks.’
Biscuit machinery is still a hot business oppotunity, just catch the age and start your own biscuit business ,all you need is just a biscuit production line!
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