Wanna Make Donuts?

 Wanna make donuts?

Do you want to know how to make delicious donuts without boring preparation work? Then you come to the righ place. Why not try this automatic donuts making machine?

Donuts making machine LGTL-102 is mainly used to mold various shape donuts by shaking the handle, and fry in the oil container.


1.Stainless steel material. The material ensures machine quality and life expectancy.

2.Excellent quality. The machine has good workmanship, work stably, and can be very lasting.

3.Using gas to heat the oil. This product uses gas to heat oil and maintain the temperature of the oil to fry the donuts, the gas can be liquid gas, natural gas or coal gas. 

4.The position and cut can be controlled by the two handles. For two handles, one is for the position, and the other for cutting. So you can decide the generation of donuts.

5.The press network to guarantee the donuts to completely be immersed in the oil. After the donuts are cut, they will be pressed by the press network to guarantee the donuts to completely be immersed in the oil and to be fully fried. 

6.Beautiful and wonderful performance. The high-profile appearance makes you more decent.

7.Nine types’ donuts can be made. Three sets of random matching mold are equipped, so we can produce three shapes’ donuts, that is lace-edged type, loop-shape type, globe-like type. Any of the three molds can be adjusted to three different types’ donuts with different thicknesses and sizes. In all, nine kinds of donuts can be produced.

8.Easy to clean. Donuts host machine consists of two parts, including inside part and outside part. The inside part can be taken out and for the outside part, the heating pipes can also be opened, which is good for daily cleaning.

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