You Really Know Biscuit?

Biscuits are popular around the world,when ever you are at home,at supermarket,in street,you always see or have biscuits. However are you really know biscuits escept its shap and tasty?

Biscuit comes from the french meaning twice-cooked but don't let that put you off, as the french don't really have a clue about making decent biscuits. Those dreadful Petit Beurre things that they knock out are really nasty. They sound like they are going to be really nice, like some sort of little buttery thing, but they're not. I've seen some where they put a big slab of chocolate on the top in an attempt to make them nice but it was all a bit wrong.
Kinds of biscuits

Usually easily distinguished from biscuits by their sheer size however individual cakes can be a bit tricker, for instance the macaroon. Also the Jaffa Cake despite having the word cake in its name can confuse some people.
Crackers are aimed at savory use such as cheese and crackers, however you sometimes get those hovis sweetmeal digestives, I don't know why, in big boxes of crackers, which is obviously confusing. Generally you wouldn't want to dunk one in your tea.
Chocolate covered
Half way between biscuits and chocolate bars, are the chocolate covered biscuits. A bit of a grey area but this is where we encounter individual foil wraps, and strange quasi cake, biscuit hybrids like the Waggon Wheel. Also the home of the Jacobs Club biscuit, although this is a sad shadow of its former self thanks to the French again.
Chocolate Bars
The Kit Kat is a good example of the transitional phase from chocolate covered to full chocolate bars like the picnic.

Ok,hope you enjoy your biscuits,and if you wanna open a biscuit factory,why not consider our biscuit production line?
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