Why the wafer cone is popular among people

           When we are childs, we love to eat ice cream, because it taste very  deliucious. We hold the ice cream cone  with big happiness, but do you know why the ice cream be eat only in the cone? Then I will give you answer about that.  Ice-cream cones is so popular not only that they taste great but they are excellent design. A cone, unlike a bowl, has a big plot. Tts shape  directs you down through a narrowing channel of pleasure to a point where pleasure ends. And its shapes with upper wide and  lower narrow can give you more ideas to eat it.  That you may never forget  the nearer you get to it, the closer together your fingers.

         If you try to make a cone out for too long, it may hard to be shaped.  There are many designs about for  frozen dessert. A cone of ice-cream, on the other hand, has no finite sense of a reasonable part. When you use them to make wafer cone making machine, they will give you more aesthetic feelingsit, and there is nothing can  stop you to except the bottom of the cone.

         The businessman said that the greatest  sufferers of this new tide is the cones, sales of which have dropped by 13%. In the 1980, when the frist cone come into  UK,  ansd become  enormous. Wafer cone bemcom arived everywhere in the wirld quickly .That's not only because everyone was young people, but also because favorites.  That seems a amazing, as if they have missed the true meaning of the wafer cone.
        And now have you understand why should we eat ice cream sould in the cone.


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