What is the Ice Cream Cone Cupcake

       I’m confused what it is about summer time, but it? And it gives me the desire to create all types of colorful, fun treats. I’ve been seeing ice cream cone cupcakes for many years and finally made a decision to have a great time using them last weekend. I baked up a batch and decorated them with our favorite methods to eat an soft serve ice cream cone - vanilla with rainbow sprinkles, chocolate with chocolates sprinkles, vanilla and chocolate swirl, and vanilla flavor dipped in chocolate.
        Much to my surprise, these were quicker to make than I had anticipated. I love when that happens!
You just need to a box of cake mix (or even your favorite cake recipe), a box of soft serve ice cream cones and the frosting of your choosing (I connect to my personal favorites from the recipe below). It’s very important to not over-fill the cones with batter… I made this unfortunate mistake within my first go-round. The batter overflowed in your oven, which designed for some pretty sad looking cupcakes.
       I discovered that whenever sitting for any day or so, the soft serve ice cream cones started to get soggy. I conducted some reading?and discovered that a?common recommendation for alleviating that difficulty is to use a toothpick to poke some holes around the bottom of the cone to permit steam to escape even though the batter is baking. I didn’t try it, but it can’t hurt! So long as you don’t want to make nowadays before hand, I think you will be fine.These will be perfect for a kid’s party?or a random summer?get-together. Go crazy using the icing flavors, colors and toppings!
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