Do You Guys Eating Waffle Cone With Shrimp?

        I really need to actually move back, take away the sunglasses hanging off the back of my head, re-think my bleached crazy ends and check myself in the kitchen door.
But there’s several cooking show phrases I find myself adopting more often than not. I am able to only imagine the catch phrases that may come out of this show thanks to the plethora of ingenius Franken-flavors sure to sprout with each and every 30 minute episode. I am so prepared to be cooking-show-awed-and-amazed create a number of that uniq ueness into my own foodie cravings.

       This is one of those particular recipes that will be an unexpected hit to anyone who tries it.
Cheesy shrimp and grits is one of my favorite breakfast dishes. When followed by a slice of hosin-laced grilled pork and smooth paté, then kicked up with a garlic soup sauce mayo and a few tasty crunch from fresh vegetables and herb choices, the flavors make sweet music together. Combining shrimp and pork is certainly not new, you can see it in Asian inspired dishes all of the time. Adding a slather of cheesy grits just makes it all that much better.
I was required to put the whole shebang inside a waffle cone from a meat sampler in a cone at celebrity chef Chris Cosentino’s Boccalone from the San Francisco Ferry Building. Eating meat in the cone? Why don't you?

         You could totally eat this sandwich the traditional way-between two slices of a soft baguette. However I preferred the cone method, in order that once I placed the toppings on, the cone kept everything nice tidy and to stay away from the slippery slide of ingredients slithering from one end of your sandwich to the other. Because this baby is loaded! Once you’ve munched down through a lot of the cone, you’re left with a grits-filled bite to get rid of all bites.
Don’t be frightened off from the number of ingredients with this recipe. Each step is very easy on it’s own, so bringing the whole thing together is really more like making a masterpiece with paint by numbers.
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