What is Pie Forming Machine

        Pie making machine is a essentional machine for homehold. But still some people know less about it. That's hide their idea to buy this machine.So what is the pie making machine? How many things do you know about it?  Longer pie making machines craft fresh and frozen pies at a rate of 120 to 250/min.    

       This pie making machines can roll, cut and shape dough; and add filling, finish pies with a decorative dough top crust and traditional, home-style crimping. The units can be configured for shells or 2-crust pies, or customized for special processes. They include a welded tubular frame and washdown construction with an open design.What is its features? The first is Capacity is about 800 pcs pie crust per hour. The second is that it can easy to operate, clean and maintain. Finally is that it has excellent performance and easy to replace moulds for different pie crusts. Thus, if you what to know about more about pie making machine, please View the products deatils pages.
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