The self-promotion is the key to the development of baking machine

Baking originated in the foreign countries, many countries have regarded baked food as staple food, and baked food in a foreign country occupies a very important position. In recent years, with the development of economy, China's baking industry has ushered in a period of great development. Now in China, baking enterprises occupy an important position in the food processing industry, and have been rapid development in the past few years. The main features of the field of bread baking are the combination of mass production and hand making.
In the future, the bake industry will continue to show a growing trend, in the face of such a situation, although the prospect of the bake industry is brilliant, there is still a large gap compared with foreign companies.
With the increasing demand of food baking, the domestic baking machinery market has been greatly developed, but compared with foreign enterprises there still exists a large gap, to expand baking machinery industry, many machinery enterprises should take different routes for different groups with independent research and development of technology, now that technology is the key of the development of machinery.  
To shorten the gap, we should ensure food safety, food safety problems emerged increasingly in recent years, not only in the mainland, Europe and other regions, and food safety has become a common challenge for the whole world. On the other hand, as the food machinery manufacturers, they not only should grasp the quality of customs, also should guide the user of equipment, how to correctly operate machinery, how to effectively avoid unsafe factors, with each link a additional testing, each people have more responsibility to ensure the food safety problem is not an insurmountable difficulties.
China will improve the industrial structure of baking machinery industry, to increase research investment, promote high-end baking machinery product popularization work, and the key leading enterprise of construction technology research laboratory, increasing the technology and capital investment, production of high-end products. In the future, China's baking machinery products will be moving in the direction of the rapid development of high-end, while baking machinery manufacturing industry can also be a good manifestation of the power of advanced technology.   
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