How the ice cream production enterprises to grasp the opportunity?

The prospect of ice cream is brilliant, and the enterprises who are engaged in the production of ice cream should grasp the opportunity
With the saturation of the catering industry, a lot of restaurants are gradually stepping into the direction of small and exquisite, and dessert restaurants, coffee shops, leisure restaurants, etc. have become the main form for the current domestic food and beverage. Especially dessert, its business opportunities are huge. According to a market survey, we found that more than 80% of the respondents like desserts, and 90% of people will regard the dessert as a part of life. When it comes to desserts, we must refer to the ice cream. As for consumers, the ice cream is not only the condiment of life, but also popular among manufacturers for its low costs. 
China is the fastest developing ice cream market in the world. According to the China Bakery Industry Association statistics, in 2015 the output of above scale enterprises amounted to 3 million 69 thousand and 900 tons of frozen drinks industry, the main business income of 40 billion 867 million yuan.  China's annual per capita consumption of ice cream is only about 3 kg, far below the United States 25.8 kg and 11 kg in Japan, with a large market space.
China is the world's second largest ice cream and dairy products market, the high value-added products accounted for 1/4 of the entire China ice cream dairy consumption market, in the next 5 years, ice cream, milk drinks, yogurt, cheese and desserts of these three products will increase annually by 22%, 38% and 31%, and this is undoubtedly good news for the ice cream, milk enterprise. Currently, multinational companies are regarding the rapid development of China's market as the key to future growth, and China is expected to be the world's largest ice cream, dairy market in the next 25 years.
The ice cream[how to make?] market competition is mainly concentrated in the taste, the pursuit of novelty psychology has great influence on the sale of ice cream, more and more leisure and fun. As a result, the variety of ice cream is being increased. Faced with the changeable type of ice cream, the ice cream equipment enterprises has made breakthroughs on the innovation of equipment.
In a word, the market of ice cream in our country has great potential, so the ice cream equipment enterprises should grasp the opportunity, and make progress in the automation and innovation of equipment.
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