Parts of Wafer Biscuit Production Line

wafer biscuit
Wafer biscuit is most commonly leisure food in people’s daily life, its shape and taste are also rich. Wafer biscuits produced by the wafer production line has various shapes and tastes, good color, health and safety, etc characteristics. You know that a wafer biscuit is made by a production line, and then do you know a production line include of which parts? Here the announce the results for you.

A wafer biscuit production line include eight parts, namely: Beating Machine---Cream Mixer---Host Oven---Cool Film Machine---Cream Coating Machine---Cutting Machine---Cake Crusher---Packing Machine.

Beating Machine as pulping system, is the first produce wafer processing equipment. By using separate transmission, automatic circulation system.
Cream Mixer is mainly composed of a machine frame, a material barrel, a stirring blade and a transmission. The agitator equipment and leaves are improved, can be stir cream with clean and fast way.
Host Oven is the main equipment of automatic wafer machine production line, uniform heating, color consistency, genuine rate is high, the yield is not less than 98%.
Cool Film Machine’s frame is made of steel and the shell is made of imported stainless steel plate. The device is slow, air cooling, conveying the original cake.
Cream Coating Machine with heating device with butter, cream coating thickness is manually adjusted, and with a coating thickness indicator.  
Cutting Machine equipped with reciprocating transmission chain structure, automatic cutting the wafer size. This equipment is easy to operate, equipped with electronic tracking system. Good safety performance.
Cake Crusher only for configuration, material recycling. The unique design, scientific structure, good performance, effectively reduce the noise in the work, mainly used for grinding the wafer after crushing waste re-use.

The production line has the advantages of reliable performance, compact structure, small occupation area, high production and low energy consumption, convenient maintenance, simple operation, no environmental pollution, etc.

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