Equipment for Making Chinese Sachima

This sachima production line is made with three parts, mixer, pressing part and cutting machine. The details making process is the following: 
1. mixing raw materials together in the mixer machine.
2. After mixing, put all the materials into the tray, and try to pave them for next processing step.
3. cutting them in the cutting machine, the size of the Sachima can be customized by customer requirement.  Whole cutting process may though two steps, one is the vertical cutting, another is the cross-cutting. 

The whole Sachima production line can work continuously, which can improve the whole products capacity greatly. The Sachima also can be made into different materials, such as put into cashew nuts, peanuts, raisin, chopped almonds, etc.  Amount of sugar can according to customers really need.  
sachima making machine for sale


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