How Many Plates Does Ice Cream Cone Baking Machine Have

The ice cream cone baking machine used for making ice cream cone. The size and parttern can be choosed before buying this machine. This machine designed with automaticlly feeding and baking system. There are 12molds, 15 molds,18 molds supply from we company.  Whole machine designed with 12,15, 18 single baking -plates, each baking plate can bake one pcs ice cream cone sheet. Producing products contain more sugar and oil during making process. It is the first part of ice cream cone making equipment, after baking, next step is the forming step. Thus, the ice cream cone rolling machine also is necessary in the whole making process before sheet is cooling.
ice cream cone baking machine
It is suitable for the small capacity ice cream cone making with automaticlly system, the biggest capacity can achieve 800 pcs per hour, the smallest capacity is about 650 pcs.  Machine weight is about the 750 kg, and machine size is about 
1850 * 1200mm. 

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