Common Problems of Pillow Type Packaging Machine

What is the most worried of horizontal packaging machine? It must be there are always appear some problem influence the packing efficiency. What the common problems may appear during packaging?
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Probelm one:
Machine can not cut off products packaging bags during packaging. Usually, there may appear one condition that the cutting knife can not cut bags very well. That can reduce the packaging speed directly.
Probelm two:
Packaging materials was stuck in the knife. If the press is too big, and the packaging products is relatively thick than normal both can stuck the products materials in the knife. Debugging gear can make the machine in the right way.
Problem three:
Burst bag easily.
There usually appear burst bag during packing process. Why it can appear such problem?
If your machine baggear outside of machine, and burst bags eaily, that means your baggear is too big. Lowing down the baggear height, the width is wider than the boring width is ok. If the bag is brust in the middle packing place, checking the middle seal hot plate, whether the plate is aligned with the left and right sides of the center wheel.
Problem four:
The packaged bags with different length. Checking the products, which side is longer than the seting value, then changing the value to normal value. And then test machine for reduce the packing waste.

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