The Detailed Information of Ice Cream Cone Production Line

ice cream cone production line
The automatic ice cream cone production line with high degree of automation, full automatic filling paste, baking, rolling and conveying-cooling-counting. The machine can produce the large capacity ice cream cone with high quality, the same machine can make different products within crisp bowl cone, sugar rolled cone, egg roll with changing the different forming devices. This machine make the cones with same shapes and sizes, more uniform than use hand. It can produce the cones with 3500-800pcs per hour. You can according to your requirement to choose the machine with the suitable one.

The full-automatic Ice Cream Cone Making Machine main specifications:
1. high capacity, it suitable for some ice cream factory, food processing factory.
2. easy to operate, the customers do not need to hire or train a group of professional personnel for operating the machine.
3. high efficiency, it saving time and energy, reduce the waste of resources.
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