Automatic Cookie Biscuit Production Line Sold to Indonesia

biscuit making machine
Biscuit making machine is mainly used to make different cookie biscuits with high quality, the cookie biscuit is very popular with people, our client comes from Indonesia want to start a biscuit business, so that he bought the machine from our company, the machine with high degree of automation, high efficiency, easy to operate than handmade.
The detailed of cookie biscuit production line:
1. The whole shell of the production line adopts 304 Stainless Steel in accordance with the health and safety standard.
2. The electricity and transmission components are all used Siemens,Mitsubishi,touch screen to ciontrol and adopts the Interenational Brand Germany SEW, SKF to make the whole line steadily.
3. In according to the clients' requirements,we can make a wide range of size and shape biscuit full automatically.
cookie biscuit
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