How Much Price of Wafer Biscuit Making Machine?

wafer biscuit
Wafer biscuits also called waffle biscuit, it taste very good, and it often produce by wafer biscuit making machine, this machine is mainly used to make the different shapes and size wafer biscuits. The equipment is a very ideal machine for making wafer biscuits.

This wafer line has different types, can meet the different customers' requirement, the baking plate you can also changed if you want to other sizes, the common size is 470*325mm. There are two heating method to make the wafer biscuit, electric heating or gas heating, the difference of them is the baking oven is different. Customers can according to the local using conditions to choose. The machine is stable, safe and easy to use, all food contact parts are using stainless steel 304, high degree of automation, greatly improving the efficiency and labor cost savings.

If you are find a wafer biscuit business, choose us can meet your need, our machine will satisfy you.
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