Automatic Peanut Candy Making Machine Sold to India

peanut candy making machine
Peanut candy is very popular in the India, which is hot sale in each sweet,cake shops. In the same way, the need for peanut candy making machine is also large. In early May, an India customer bought a line of automatic peanut candy making machine, he use the machine to produce the peanut candy, he runs a peanut candy business and runs a small factory. Due to the previous machine was small capacity and noisy, so he chose our machine replacement.

The peanut candy prduction line is mainly used to make the peanut candy, sesame candy, and so on, the machine can make the candy with large capacity, and high efficiency, hgih quality. And change the mould you can produce the diferent shapes and size peanut candy, otherwise the thickness of peanut candy is also very important, our machine can make the peanut candy with 5mm-10mm. 
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