What Advantages of Peanut Brittle Cutting Machine?

The peanut brittle cutting machine mainly used in peanut candy, rice candy, sesame candy, sachima and other snack food molding. The use of inverter and PLC control, with a multi-channel leveling structure, pressing flat uniform, automatic cutting, time-saving, provincial workers, economic and convenient. It realizes the characteristics of a machine with many uses, no waste residue and small error. It is a very practical peanut candy equipment.

The machine produces the product founder, flat, no thickness and unequal edge phenomenon, size can be customized according to customer requirements. Its dynamic use of stepless speed, to solve the previous equipment without power easy to pause shortcomings, the greatest benefit of no scrap. The main features are: First, antirust performance, mechanical use of smooth, efficient production; Second, high temperature, corrosion-resistant performance, good protection of mechanical equipment; Third, has the good resistance to intergranular corrosion, the product service life is long.
peanut brittle cutting machine
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