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High Efficiency Dough Mixing Machine


Dough mixer machine is mainly used by a wheat flour and water.

Main Feature

High efficiency, low noise, long life.


Structure composed of several parts, manual dump, inverted switch direct control motor reversing, easy to operate.Transmission parts turbo gear and chain drive, automatic dump, built-in motor, compact structure, electrical control through the control button, AC contactor, control of the main and auxiliary motor forward, reverse, stop, limit switch from time to dump limit bit protection. It is widely used in large and medium-sized catering units, is the ideal production line equipment.Blender using axial positioning and seal structure to solve the problem blender grind axial movement and the end of black faces. Built with motor structure, turbine shaft directly connected with the agitation, reduced power consumption, compact, medium height fuselage, deputy motor forward, reverse, stop, travel limit switch from the protective effect when tipping. Simple structure, beautiful appearance, medium and large catering units, and the ideal pasta manufacturers equipment.Transmission part adopts arc tooth gear and chain drive turbines, high efficiency, low noise, long life.
The machine is used for proccessing all kinds of flour products.According to the character of the wheat flour,it can choose different blades to achieve the different effect of dough mix.Processed flour products had the character of tasted smooth,high transparency,high elasticity.Flour evenly mixed under agitation blender with water, first of all, the formation of irregular small colloidal aggregates, thus small aggregates bonded with each other, and gradually formed a large number of scattered clumps, with the blender to cut the dough in a row folding, rolling, stretching and gentle series role, and made a smooth surface, has a certain elasticity, toughness and an ideal extension of the dough.
Technical Data
Model Power Weight Dimension
LG 5.25kw 600*2kg 1200*630*1320mm

1.Ask:Have you exported to our country?
Answer:We have wide market all around the world,such as Africa,America,and Asia.All the reputation depends on the quality!Give us a chance ,we can feed back a satisfaction!
2.Ask:How can we arrange the shipping?
Answer:We cooperated with some reliable shipping companies for several years,we can be responsible for the shipping to your country.If you have shipping forwarders in china,we can also cooperate with them!
3.Ask:What's the MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)?
Answer:We are specialized in wholesales of food machinery, so the agent in overseas will be highly appreciated !The best quality with best price,to achieve the win-win cooperation!
4.Ask:Can I visit your company?
Answer:We have exhibition hall in Zhengzhou city,welcome to visit us to examine the quality and negotiate our business!
5.Ask:What payment method do you accept?
Answer:We accept payment by T/T or Western Union generally, and also can accept L/C.

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