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Commercial Donut Machine for Sale


It is used to make donut.

Main Feature

Longer life expectancy, evenly heating, smoke-free.


To run the machine, take a few seconds to know about all switches. Refer to these switches on machine’s plate. As the machine has its own character, so it must be tested before using, then we can make good donut. It also comes with instructions about raw materials. The proportion of ingredients is that 1KG of cake donut flour, 400G of water, 300G of oil, 3 eggs. First, mix the donut flour and water. Please be slow at the beginning 2 minutes, and then turn faster for the next 18 minutes. Leave it indoor for 30 minutes above temperature 22-24 Celsius degree. 300-1200 pcs donuts can be made per hour. Temperature is controlled by micro computer with ±1°C. The frying, turn-over and cooling process is completely automatic. Equipped oil filter and oil pumping system. Manual frying operation is also available. It can complete the second frying action automatically and output fried donuts automatically, which is suitable for the production of fermented donuts. Donuts host machine consists of two parts, including inside part and outside part. The inside part can be taken out and for the outside part, the heating pipes can also be opened, which is good for daily cleaning. Make sure that the power requirements of the machine do match the power source as specified on the data plate. As for this machine is 220V 50HZ, so if we want to use the 380V power, we should be according to the wiring diagram in the Manual. 
1.Stainless steel material. The material ensures machine quality and life expectancy.
2.Easy to use. Just connect this machine with electricity and get the ingredients mixed, it will make donuts automatically. There is no need to let anyone to operate, saving much labor costs.
3.Beautiful and elegant performance. 
4.Multifunctional usage. You can adjust donuts size by adjusting quantity of raw materials. If more, donuts is bigger, if less, donuts smaller.
5.The weight of dropping dough is adjustable. Choose the size you want to make, then match the mold with funnel’s bottom, then screw it tightly, then screw the plunger with the matched mold, finally, put the plunger into the funnel and adjust it up and down.
6.Easy to clean. Donuts host machine consists of two parts, including inside part and outside part. The inside part can be taken out and for the outside part, the heating pipes can also be opened, which is good for daily cleaning.
Technical Data
Model LGTL-100
High Configuration
Standard Configuration
Voltage/Frequency 220V, 50Hz, 6KW 220V, 50Hz, 6KW
Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Capacity 300-1200pcs/H 300-1200pcs/H
Dimension 1050*550*720mm 1050*550*720mm
Weight 48KG 48KG
Mould 3 groups 1group
Transmission Oil Screen 1pcs 0
Temperature Control 1set 0
MOQ 5sets 5sets

1.Ask:Can I visit your company?
Answer:We have exhibition hall in Zhengzhou city,welcome to visit us to 
examine the quality and negotiate our business!
2.Ask:What's the MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)?
Answer:We are specialized in wholesales of Packing machinery, so the 
agent in overseas will be highly appreciated !The best quality with best 
price,to achieve the win-win cooperation!
3.Ask:Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?  
Answer:Our factory is located in Zhengzhou,Henan Province, China,
You can fly to Xinzheng Airport directly. We will pick you up on Xinzheng 
International airport
4.Ask:Can I get a best price?
Answer:Quality is the heart of one company.We can not promise the lowest 
price,but we promise the best quality and most reasonable price.On the 
other hand,bigger order you placed,cheaper price you will get!
5.Ask:How can we arrange the shipping?
Answer:We cooperated with some reliable shipping companies for several 
years,we can be responsible for the shipping to your country.If you have 
shipping forwarders in china,we can also cooperate with them!

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