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LG-27-1 Automatic Gas Type Wafer Production Line


The wafer production line can be used to make cream biscuit, sandwiching biscuit, soda cracker biscuit and vegetable biscuit etc.

Main Feature

By changing the moulds and recipes, this plant is able to produce various types of high quality biscuit.


LG Series Wafer Production line is the primary choice for the production of kinds of hard and soft biscuit. The biscuit plant equipment can be combined and displayed according to customer’s local space or biscuit technical requirement. Adopting hearing-medium conduction technology with heating oil as medium, the plant is a new generation product developed exclusively in China based on the advanced structure of existing plants from domestic market and abroad. If offers an ideal solution for lower power consumption and overall production cost, and keeping the same surface color for all biscuits. The plant mainly consists of mixing system,automatic feeding system, tunnel-type oven, sheet feeding and cooling device, coating machine,cutter and organic heating medium boiler, etc. With compact structure and unique reliability, the plant is one of the most preferred equipment in foodstuff industry.
According to 1:1 proportion of  pie slices and cream, the capacity is 86kg/h(the more cream, the bigger capacity).
wafer biscuit production line

Technical Data
  Name Quantity     
1 27 moulds flat automatic gas oven 1
2 splicing machine 1
3 Wafer sheet screening machine 1
4 Vertical cooling machine 1
5 Cream spreading machine 1
6 Wafer cutting machine 1
7 Blender Machine 1
8 cream mixer 1
9 Swashing Machine 1
10 Sugar grinder 1
11 air compressor 1
12 Packing machine 1

Model LGDL-27-1
heat source natural gas or liquefied gas
moulds quantity 27
moulds size 470*325*35mm
size of wafer stripe 3.0*3.0*0.5
wafer size 2.3-2.8mm
baking time 95~120 seconds
wafer thickness<2.5mm
capacity 1330pieces/h
wafer thickness:2.3mm
Component materials in contact with food 304stainless steel or cast iron
Average Power 1.5kw
voltage 3-phase,380V,50 Hz
gas consumption About 21m3/h
Dimension 5540*1560*2320mm
weight 7700kg

1.ASK:How many layers of wafer biscuit usually produced?
Answer:Generally,3 layers,5 layers and 7 layers.
2.ASK:What is the wafer biscuit size?
Answer: The size can be customized according your requirment. The below is the size that our customer’s wafer biscuit:34*96mm, 28.5*96mm,23.8*57mm,10*87mm,18.5*105mm,23*23mm,18*58mm,30*152.5mm.
3.ASK:Any advise for electric type and gas type?
Answer: For electric type machine cost is cheaper than gas model but the use cost is higher than gas model. 

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