Biscuit Packing Machine Malfunction Maintenance

biscuit packing machineCommon malfunction problem of biscuit packing machine
1>.  Temperature is too high, or the speed is too slow. The outer coating of heat resistance is poor, the seal will appear traces of wrinkle,the repair method is to adjust the speed, and try to reduce mahcine temperature or replace the film material.
2>.  The cutting knife seat is too high or too low.  The packaging speed is too fast, the plunger and the cutter is not synchronized at the same time, the cutter will break products themselves. The maintenance method is to reduce the packaging speed, and adjust the end seal components place.
3>.  The film color is too light.  Film-driven slippery, color tracking is not open when the off position will appear off the color code. Adjusting its sensitivity; in the man-machine dialogue interface, the tracking mode is switched to "tracking cut".
4>.  the solid-state circuit breaker burnout, temperature control table damaged.  Thermocouple damaged will can not control the temperature, the best maintenance method is to replace the executive couple and replace the temperature control table, replace the heating element.
5>.  The speed is too fast, the inner membrane heat sealing is poor.  When the temperature is too low, there are will appear the sealing effect is not strong, the maintenance method is to slow down the packing speed, raise the packing temperature, or  replace the film material.
6>.  The pressure is not suitable.  The cylinder swing lever, the heating temperature is low, hot roller and the drive roller is not parallel, when there will be heat sealing bad, maintenance method is to adjust the parallelism, adjust the temperature and pressure to tighten.
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